Japan 2011, Final day of first trip

Our final day in Ishinomaki.  We finished demolishing the insides of the first floor of the future cafe, delivered bedding to those at the relief center, served people at the temporary housing, stripped houses of debris and more.  We worked hard but loved serving these wonderful people the whole time.   

Go HERE to read an article in the Calvary Chapel magazine about the ministry there in Ishinomaki.  

Japan Mission 2011, Riding the Shinkansen

Traveling at 125 mph in comfort is a great ride. We took the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) north to Sendai from Tokyo. A 2 hour ride across the beautiful countryside.  Includes some interview with team members.  The typical cost for a 5 day ticket is $200 but that is for the Shinkansen and the regular commuter trains.  Great deal  available for foreigners only.  

Our trip was to Ishinomaki.  a costal city north of Sendai that lost 8000 people because of the tsunami.  It was a week of relief ministry.  We continue to return in support of a church plant.