So who am I? 

I'm a Californian who accepted Christ in my early 20's and not because my life was a mess, Ah Contraire!  I had the American dream, new wife, new house, new car, new baby on the way.  Life from an earthly perspective was good, yet, I knew something was missing and had always been searching for what it was. 

Sure, I sought out the spiritual by delving into eastern religions some, did the transendental meditation thing for a season, and even went to church a few times (I had no religious upbringing per say), but religion was empty to me.  Then through the friendship of a Christian co-worker (thanks Ron!) I realized what I was missing.  What drew me was how my friend spoke of his relationship with God in such a personal manner.  So, after attending a Bible Study and experiencing a real spiritual meeting with the Savior, I surrendered to him and his grace.  I've been following him ever since.  

Photo by Christin Cordova

Serving the Lord was a natural and seamless step for me and I have served in a lot of differnt ministries.   Started teaching the Word of God at a young spiritual age.  Grew through the several men that God used to disciple me. Served in Japan as a missionary with my wife and kids in 1990-1991 and have traveled to over 24 different countries teaching and sharing.  I love the Far East the most. 

pastor Bob & wife Cosima

Today I pastor Calvary Chapel Perris Valley with a growing and wonderful congregation.  Where the Lord sends me in the future is up to Him.  For now I am here with my wife of 30 plus years.

Professionally I worked in the architectural field and enjoy a lot of different things (tech, design, photography, music, Formula 1), but I am most  serious about the Bible.  .  Equally important is the fulfilling of what has been called the "Great Commission" found in Matthew 28:16-20, to make disciples for Christ, there is no greater endevour.  Loving God and Loving others . . . it's that simple.


Pastor Bob Ybarra