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Photo by Christin Cordova -

Photo by Christin Cordova -

There are several ways to communicate with me.  You can send me an email using this page; you can call me at Calvary Chapel Perris Valley 951.943.5979; or you can come to a Sunday or Wednesday service if you are in the area.  (Go to the church link for times and location)

Thou Shall Not Solicite!  I didn't make this page so you can sell me stuff or promote your ministry.  You don't email me junk mail and I won't email you junk mail. Capish?

Biblical Questions? I suggest seeking your pastor at the church your attend. If that is me then please do contact me. If you do not have a pastor then I strongly encourage you to find a church with a good shepherd to lead you.  Go HERE to find a Calvary Chapel in your area.  You may also go my Teachings as I may have taught on it.

Questions about Calvary Chapel Perris Valley, please go to the church's website. as there is a lot of info for you to read.

Invite? I am open and would be honored if you would like me to come teach at your church or event, as time permits.

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