Having a Mind to Work

I'm sitting this morning on my patio in thought about the weekend mission trip. I just spent a fantastic weekend with seven of our church members at the Bible College in Ensenada doing whatever was needed; sorting cloths, repairing fences, installing lighting, etc.
The unity and oneness of purpose was incredible and reminded me of the people led by Nehemiah.
The city of Jerusalem was in ruin and the walls were rubble. Under the leadership of Nehemiah the people joined together. Families each took a portion or wall or focused on a gate and within fifty two days rebuilt and repaired the wall so that once again the city of Jerusalem was secure. As it says in Neh 4:6 "the people had a mind to work."
So what does that mean to "have a mind to work?" It didn't only mean that they were willing to get their hands dirty. A mind to work was also a mind to submit to the leadership of Nehemiah. A mind to work was a mind to join and submit to others. A mind to work was a mind given to the vision and purpose of the work as shared by Nehemiah and confirm by God. A mind to work also was a mind to be and stay focused on the portion of the work they were given responsibility to rebuild. A mind to work meant giving no place to outside influences, temptations and critiques. Having a mind to work was all these and in fifty two days the wall was miraculously completed.
So church, do you have a mind to work?