Study Book on Grace is in the works - learn more

Yes, with the help of my nephew, I have a study book on the doctrine of Grace in the works.  Here is a tentative outline of the chapters:

Chapter 1: The Law- God's Conviction

     Christ wants us to know we were sinners.

Chapter 2: The Sacrifice- God's Covering

     Christ wants us to know He died for those sins.

Chapter 3: The Deliverance- God's Consolation

     Christ wants us to know He died not to shame us, but to set us free.

Chapter 4: The Fullness- God's Calling

     Christ wants us to fill us and complete us for his service.

Chapter 5: The Glory - God's Intention

     Christ wants us to use our freedom in ways that bring Him glory.

The intent is to provide simple and consise teaching in booklet form and as an Ebook that will provide a strait forward and beneficial understanding of the doctine of God's Grace.  It will liley be used in our Dscipleship and Intern programs.

The format will fit between the simple information card and a full size book on the subject, that is suitable to be handed to any believer or unbeliever to study on their own. So it will have questions at the end of each chapter.  As my nephew put it, "Not a reader interacting with the author, but the reader interacting with God."  

What I do need is some book art.  If you are gifted artistically and would like to contribute a book cover I am happy to consider it.  If it includes a photograph please be sure you own the rights to the photograph.  I will glady review and even post your submissions.