Photo by  2Photo Pots  on  Unsplash

Photo by 2Photo Pots on Unsplash

Many Christians ask the question, “What is God’s plan for me?”  I suggest that the question be, “What is my part in God’s plan?”

The clear intentions of Christ was to save the world through the atonement for sin by giving his own life.  He was the sacrificial lamb who would take away our sin. His ascending to heaven was not an end of his work but a beginning as he commissioned his disciples and sent the Holy Spirit to empower his church to be a witness of his atonement to the world. So his plan is obvious. Jesus saves sinners who believe and those saved now are commissioned to tell others continuing his ministry and plan. 

Now the thought that the Lord would lead you to go on a mission trip maybe overwhelming to you. So let me share an observation. Those who typically go are those who are actively serving in their home church. This has been the case over the multitude of teams I have led. So start with serving as a greeter or maybe as a helper in Children’s ministry. Just start serving and grow. You can’t take to the mission field what you have not practiced here.  I encourage you to step out and participate in God’s plan and be blessed and grow.

Pastor Bob