Being a Life Saver

You will be touched by this video because of the little kitten being saved by the fire fighter but there is another aspect to this rescue that is not seen.  

I served as a fire chaplain for several years and would be called to debrief fire fighters after they experienced a tough incident that was very traumatic, as when there was a loss of life.  Fire fighters are not simply trained to put out fires but are trained and have the focus to save lives. When they are not able to do so it can be demoralizing and emotionally traumatic.  So whenever they can save a life, even a kitten's, it has a very uplifting and beneficial affect on them. 

Their is something very rewarding and satisfying about saving a life even for those of us who are pastors.  To be able to lead a person out of their troubles, to deliver a marriage from destruction, to comfort a family who is grieving, is very rewarding and benefits our own souls because that is why we are in ministry.  But when the opposite result happens, though he has poured out his heart and used every bit of experience and wisdom, it can be devastating to a pastor's moral and weigh heavily upon him.  This is why Paul the apostle listed his burden for the church along with other challenges he experienced in ministry (2Cor 11:28).

But praise be to our LORD that he has not called us to carry that burden but to fulfill our ministry faithfully and do our ministry to our utmost while trusting him with the outcome.  Still, every victory counts, every life saved no matter how insignificant the issue, is uplifting and beneficial to the soul.